Lib Dems call for ‘Robin Hood’ windfall tax on oil and gas firms

The Daily Mirror reports:

A “Robin Hood” windfall tax on energy giants would offer families a £5billion lifeline this winter, the Lib Dems said…

Struggling households facing crippling power bills in the coming months would benefit from the one-off hit to oil and gas firms, the party claimed.

The boss of BP triggered fury in the autumn after boasting how the company was a “cash machine” after soaring oil and gas prices boosted its profits to £2.4bn in the third quarter of 2021 alone…

Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey … said: “It can’t be right that a few energy fat cats are raking it in from record gas prices while millions of people can’t even afford to heat their homes…

“Boris Johnson cannot look the other way any longer while families face an impossible choice between heating and eating.

“We need a substantial package of support now that provides immediate support to those struggling to get by, while helping people insulate their homes to slash heating bills in the long term.”

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One response to “Lib Dems call for ‘Robin Hood’ windfall tax on oil and gas firms”

  1. Insulate Britain who were so castigated before Christmas are now vindicated with their actions.
    I note that the big fossil fuel companies are ‘advertising’ on social media.Equally Conservative MPs are talking about cutting green taxes to ‘help’ the public with their bills. A 2 pronged strategy to get them off the hook for if they get involved it will hit their profits?
    Is there any way that VAT can be taken off bills for those who earn less than 30 thou?

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