PODCAST: A year of Rishi Sunak and lessons from the Mid Bedfordshire by-election

The latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts is another special with the Lib Dem Pod team. We talked about a year of Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister and lessons from the Mid Bedfordshire by-election. Listen carefully also to spot a little Easter Egg from me…

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2 responses to “PODCAST: A year of Rishi Sunak and lessons from the Mid Bedfordshire by-election”

  1. Please can you explain (perhaps in your next podcast) why so many people are convinced that Sunak will NOT call a General Election for May. From my perspective, delaying the election beyond May will only result in a bigger election defeat for the Conservative Party, but maybe I am missing something?

    • Thanks for the suggestion and will bear that in mind. I think the simplest answer is that if you’re well behind in the polls, you hang on as long as possible hoping that something will turn up.

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