Read about the 2014 contest to be President of the Liberal Democrats, in which Sal Brinton defeated Daisy Cooper, Linda Jack, Liz Lynne and Pauline Pearce.


Liberal Democrat Newswire #55 is out: how many Parliamentary seats might the Lib Dems win?

Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft has now polled 38 Liberal Democrat held constituencies (counting Portsmouth South as Lib Dem held although its MP is now sitting as an independent) … Read the full post »


Don’t forget to vote (oh and, er, please vote for me)

This ballot is open to voting conference reps (this time round – party conference has agreed in principle to change this for future elections). Voters should have either received an email with a link to voting and the candidate manifestos or had a posted mailing. In this contest I’m restanding for the Federal Policy Committee; see my FPC … Read the full post »