Lib Dem Bournemouth conference agenda and directory published (updated)

The full agenda and directory for September’s Lib Dem federal conference in Bournemouth are out and you can read them in full below.

Included in the agenda for Saturday is the latest round of consultation on the party’s strategy, for which a consultation paper and party member survey have also been released. A new guide organised by Your Liberal Britain to help people understand the motions has also been published along with an addendum to the agenda (also below) which sets out the motion on Europe that will be debated.

Liberal Democrat conference: what you need to know

The Liberal Democrats hold two federal (i.e. UK-wide) party conferences a year, a weekend in the spring and a week in the autumn. more

The agenda also confirms plans for the 2018 Liberal Democrat federal conferences. The spring federal conference will be in Southport and then for the autumn it is back to Brighton, with the option left open to move back to ending the conference on Wednesday. You may wonder ‘why Brighton again?’ The reason is that there are relatively few venues with all the facilities required for an autumn conference – there is much more to conference than simply people sitting in a hall, and hence the existence of a large hall is not itself sufficient for a venue to be suitable. Plus some otherwise suitable venues go heavily for the much pricier end of the market, leaving them well beyond what not only the Lib Dems but even Labour and the Conservatives can afford.

The Liberal Democrat conference app has also been updated for this conference.

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One response to “Lib Dem Bournemouth conference agenda and directory published (updated)”

  1. I note in passing that the email sent out by the party announcing the conference agenda makes no mention of the date of the conference (yes I know it’s a click away but still..)

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