#FBPE: what does this hashtag mean?

The acronym FBPE, often used as the hashtag #FBPE, now pops up frequently on social media, especially Twitter. It stands for ‘follow back, Pro-European Union’ and is the label used by a campaign to cultivate a strong pro-European voice online, and has been very successful in helping make this happen, (As well as picking up strong hostility from the Daily Express.)

The basic idea is simple: use it to highlight your support for the pro-European / anti-Brexit cause and others of like minds can more easily find you and join the pro-European community. It’s like a pro-EU version of the old* ‘follow back Friday’ #FF trend on Twitter – an easy way to highlight who else may be of interest to you.

Mike Galsworthy, the founder of Scientists4EU, explained what it’s about in this video:

As ever, the open nature of Twitter means not all is sweetness and light. If you use #FBPE, watch out for the fake accounts too.

Another hashtag which often pops up in similar conversations is #WATON, which I’ve explained here. Another one is #ABTV which I’ve explained here.

On similar but more Liberal Democrat lines, there are two Twitter accounts I’d very much recommend you follow.


* Old because it’s now greatly faded from its peak, although some people do still go for follow back Fridays.


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