Friend or foe? Change UK and the Lib Dems: Never Mind The Bar Charts Episode #7

Welcome to the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts, in which Stephen Tall and I discuss a leaked memo from Change UK about the Liberal Democrats, a bold claim about Tony Blair from Stephen and how the local elections may help change the course of British politics…

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3 responses to “Friend or foe? Change UK and the Lib Dems: Never Mind The Bar Charts Episode #7”

  1. Here in Reading, where LibDems have ceased to exist, the Green Party have taken up the mantle of taking the local government battle to Labour. Their newsletters look identical to old Focus ones complete with ‘We can win here’ bar charts and the content is the same – mending potholes, introducing 20mph limits, slagging off the Borough Council etc. I will vote for them next week.
    I was a member of Green LibDems (does that still exist?) but am thinking of joining the Greens now as their policies are much clearer and very much in tune with my way of thinking. However if there were to be a Pro-EU alliance or somesuch for the EU elections I would be out there delivering leaflets and rattling the cans. If this were to morph into a coalition for Democratic Reform, I’d be putting myself up as a candidate for leader in no time at all.

    • Joe, literature may be similar , but the philosophy is not. Green Lib Dems does still exist, and in both house of Commons & Lords the Lib Dems are pushing the green agenda 🙂

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