Big and sustained increase in the EU’s popularity in Britain

An interesting spot by political scientist James Denison, using the respected Eurobarometer data:

Tweet of Eurobarometer data showing a big and sustained increase in the popularity of the EU in the UK

As with the long-term trend in British public opinion in favour of immigration, this trend in favour of the EU is one that has been mostly overlooked.

It is one both to give heart to liberals and Liberal Democrats, and for the Lib Dems specifically, it highlights how big the gap is between the party’s potential and its current level of success.

To close that gap requires the right strategy.

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3 responses to “Big and sustained increase in the EU’s popularity in Britain”

  1. I was out campaigning between 7pm and 9pm. A young lady ran out into the street to tell me she normally voted Labour but she was going to vote for me tomorrow and her husband who normally voted Conservative was also going to vote for me.

  2. All the more reason why another public vote is essential. It is horrendous to imagine us leaving the EU (irrevocably, to all intents and purposes) at this time when the public view of our membership has become so positive, purely in order to ‘honour’ a 3 year old vote based on grossly misleading and insufficient data.

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