Layla Moran won’t be standing for Lib Dem leader

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has ruled herself out of the contest to succeed Vince Cable when he steps down shortly as party leader, despite earlier signs that she was going to run.

She cited the pressures of being a new MP in a marginal seat (and one facing significant boundary changes):

Layla Moran said:

I am very grateful to the large number of constituents, supporters, party members and elected representatives who have encouraged me to throw my hat into the ring in the forthcoming Liberal Democrat Leadership contest.

As a relatively new MP, however, my first priority has to be to serve my constituents to the best of my ability.

I hope they consider that I am doing a good job so far, but I do not believe that I would be able to continue to do so to the standard they have the right to expect if I took on the busy role of Party Leader as well.

For this reason, I wrote to local party members last week to let them know that I would not be standing for the Leadership this time.

8 responses to “Layla Moran won’t be standing for Lib Dem leader”

  1. Probably a very sensible move. Layla is a relatively new MP and doing a great job to all accounts but until she has solidified her hold on the seat she would be seen as leaving her constituents while she tours the country.

    Much though I adore her as a person, her cheerful smile in every interview makes her appear as someone without ‘gravitas’. Sometimes you need someone who can frown and say it as it really is. I think she is probably too nice to have the ‘killer instinct’ we need.

    I don’t know if there is anyone else with these qualities among our present ‘dirty dozen’, but I hope at least one of them will rise to the job.

  2. Orange book economic liberalism looks a lot like what Change UK are offering. And if they get their act together they could offer it in a slicker, better funded way. There needs to be a credible candidate from the social liberal/Green wing of the party. No coronation.

  3. I very much hope this does not mean that we will not have the opportunity to choose our first female leader. Jo please stand.

  4. Layla would have made a great leader…women shouldn’t have to act like men to be successful. We have plenty of other qualities …only saying.

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