Lib Dem leadership contest: what’s moving party members?

A fascinating set of answers to the question I posted on Twitter and Facebook:

Are you a Lib Dem members who has changed your mind so far in the #libdemleadership race – to/from Jo, Ed or undecided? If so, what’s your reason? Be great to hear more about what members are thinking.

My main takeaways from the answers so far are:

  • Very few members feel that a candidate would be a really bad choice for the party (and that’s also reflected in private replies as well as public comments). Far more so than I recall in previous contests, people say they’d be happy with either.
  • That, however, comes with a downside – it also shows that both are struggling to really distinguish themselves from the other.
  • Perceived gravitas is a factor for some in picking Davey over Swinson. Although that comes from both women and men, it’s worth bearing in mind how gendered the concept of gravitas often is.
  • Jo Swinson’s willingness to attack the SNP wins both plaudits and critics – the latter mainly being members in England who see the SNP as a fellow Remain party.
  • Ed Davey, though, is seen as having the more hardline stance about working with other parties – and several people have commented that as a result, they are backing Jo Swinson, preferring her more open approach to working with those outside the party or in other parties.
  • Perhaps because both have put the environment as their top issue other than Brexit, neither is making much headway in winning people over specifically with their green credentials.

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