Why did Jo Swinson win and what happens now? Never Mind The Bar Charts #14

Welcome to the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts, in which Stephen Tall and I pick over the results of the Liberal Democrat leadership election. Why did it turn out that way and what next for the party?

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4 responses to “Why did Jo Swinson win and what happens now? Never Mind The Bar Charts #14”

  1. Mark, For many of us it is far, far more important to defeat the Tory / Brexit Party alliance than to pursue narrow party advantage. This is a time of existential crisis in the country and a clear position is vital that says we will do whatever it takes to defeat a No-Deal Exit from the EU and force the country to face up to the real issues that it raises in another people’s vote.

    Alistair Campbell in his letter to Jeremy Corbyn says as much today, and I think you would find that Nicola Sturgeon would buy into electoral pacts that ensured all Scotland elected Remain supporting candidates.

    • In fact the SNP refused to join the UniteToRemain electoral pact group. Greens, Lib Dem’s and PC have.

      They are in discussion with CHUK and Renew.

  2. How many members didn’t get their vote and couldn’t be bothered to chase it up? I know at least one member in that situation. We need to check why some members were missed

    • As turnout in the contest was at record levels, it’s likely that the problems were fairly small in number, though of course it’s never possible to organise something on this sort of scale without any at all, alas.

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