The Brexit Episode: Remain is winning! (Or is it?) – Never Mind The Bar Charts #16

Welcome to the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts, in which I go full-on cheerleading for Remain. Stephen Tall responds with half a bucket of cold water.

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One response to “The Brexit Episode: Remain is winning! (Or is it?) – Never Mind The Bar Charts #16”

  1. Honestly I am really surprised at the optimism. We have reached a stage now where not only does Brexit look the most likely outcome, it will be No Deal Brexit, the very worst of all the options. And at the this moment in time it is the Leavers who are uniting around the Tory party, whist the Remainers are split between Lib Dem, Labour and Greens. Under FTPT this makes it far more likely the Tories will win the next general election with an overall majority. Currently the Tories have the 10% lead they want, and the potential is to squeeze the Brexit Party vote and increase the gap further. Given the extremes the Tory party are going it is hard to imagine why anyone would support the Brexit Party. The Tory party under May was a very different party to how it is now.
    If Remainers are going to unite it will have to include the Corbynite wing of the Labour party, since they are running the party at the moment, and rebel Tories who do not support a People’s Vote. Relations between the Lib Dems and Labour are currently at an all time low of course.
    Stephen Tall was right to point out that Remainers have failed to explain to Leavers in small towns why they should change their minds, and there is a Remaniac fringe who are totally tone deaf to them. I would add that slogans like “Bollocks to Brexit” is also a good example of that tone deafness. Of course in terms of party interests it has helped the Lib Dems recruit more members and improved it’s poll standings. But it has also brought to people’s attention the contempt that Remainers have of Leavers, who are likely to respond in kind and divide the nation even more.
    I would say we have a lot to be bothered about,

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