Lib Dems launch tool for members to look up which target seats to help

Targeting effort into the most marginal seats is crucial under first past the post. A few extra votes in the one seat can be the difference between winning or losing while in another seat it’s the difference between finishing third with 10.3% of the vote or third with 10.4%.

That’s why targeting is such a big part of Liberal Democrat election campaigns (and when done well, is complementary to building up our core vote rather than a rival to doing that).

It’s also why the Liberal Democrats have just released a tool to look up nearby target seats to go help with. It uses your postcode to find the best places to help near you.

It’s at www.libdems.org.uk/go (behind the member login). When using it, bear in mind that:

  1. The site is based on the party’s latest data on where extra help will be most beneficial. So don’t be surprised if, say, a seat the party won in 2010 is not listed. That may not be where your help is most needed. Especially as…
  2. The party’s membership is not evenly distributed around the target seats, so in some areas with lots of members but fewer target seats, for example, you might be asked to help further away than would otherwise seem obvious. But…
  3. The tool doesn’t take into account travel time or where you may work. So it can be worth trying some different postcodes in it, such as to see if there’s somewhere convenient to go and help after work during the week which may be different from what comes up for your home address.

Here’s also my video from the last election explaining the importance of targeting and how it works:

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