Exclusive interview with Jo Swinson: Never Mind The Bar Charts #11

Jo Swinson - photo copyright John Russell johnrussell zenfolio com

Photo copyright John Russell.

Welcome to the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts which, as trailed at the weekend, is the first of two interviews with the candidates to be the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Following the toss of a coin, Jo Swinson’s interview comes first:

Mark Pack interviews would-be Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson about why she wants the job. The topics they discuss include what she thinks of the SNP, what she’d do in a hung Parliament and how the party can be more successful.

The Ed Davey interview will come out in a couple of days and then Stephen and I are recording our reflections on the interviews early next week.

Do let us know either on this post or the social media channels below what you made of the interviews before we record that show; listener feedback is always gratefully received.

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4 responses to “Exclusive interview with Jo Swinson: Never Mind The Bar Charts #11”

  1. It’s unfortunate that your voice is a lot clearer than Jo’s. Not sure whether you are in the same room or there is only one microphone and it’s nearer to you. Will come back to it later with some added technology.

    I am profoundly deaf and use aids etc but then I’m not alone in that respect.

  2. I could not access your interviews, but in the couple I’ve seen on TV, I would like to observe that Jo Swinson, is, if anything, ‘too nice’. She needs to show fire in her belly…
    Show anger at sn injustice that riles her, then briefly describe her plan for tackling it…

    Ed Davey is very good at succinctly setting out his plans. he comes across as very experienced and decisive, and he will get my vote. But he needs better quality photographs for his leaflets – and to be mindful of his ‘best aspect’ – just like a film star…
    Though firm, he has a kind, strong-ish face. Make it appear even stronger, though still kind.

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