Lib Dem leadership contest: modest turnout so far in Lib Dem leadership contest

Some insights into how the Liberal Democrat leadership contest is currently going:

Turnout in Lib Dem leadership contest tweets

If you’re one of the members who hasn’t yet voted and indeed hasn’t yet made up your mind who to vote for, the special series of podcasts I co-presented on the leadership race may help.

The 2019 Lib Dem leadership election is being covered by me both in podcast form with Stephen Tall in Never Mind The Bar Charts (subscribe here) and in email newsletter form with Liberal Democrat Newswire (sign up here).

16 responses to “Lib Dem leadership contest: modest turnout so far in Lib Dem leadership contest”

  1. How can they possibly know what the turnout is?
    I suspect it is probably right. There is not much to choose between the candidates, so a low turnout is to be expected.

  2. Also there is a lack of choice, what a pity Norman didn’t stand or Wera even as Layla decided not to.

    When it was Clegg vs Huhne I spoilt my ballot paper and wrote Charles Kennedy over it.

  3. Many members are struggling over who to support. The essence of the problem is that we have two excellent candidates. How unlike the Tories who have to chose which of the candidates will be the least evil.

    In our local exec this week no one could find anything wrong with either of them. How lucky we are to be in this position.

  4. As of today I have not received my voting papers. Been a member since 2015..Hope their is not a hiccup in the system. See what tomorrows post brings.

  5. Do we know when the result is being announced? I know the voting deadline is 22 July, and I know we are trying to avoid clashing with the Tory announcement (which some people unaccountably seem to think is more important). But have we got a date and time for our declaration yet?

  6. Seems to indicate that Davey is behind otherwise they would not be issuing reports for fear it could gee up the other team.
    Would expect 50% to vote. Swinson has a higher profile with the public and is more well known. She is probably the best bet to get our seats back in Scotland.

  7. Does anyone share my thoughts that the contest is far too long winded. 4 weeks should be enough, surely. We would have had a leader by now going round the country and catching the media eye, before the Conservative leader is announced.

    • I agree the contest is too long David. I’ve said this in a similar thread in LibDem Voice: I think the organisers probably were very aware that there was a real desire in the party for a ‘proper debate’ (after the coronation in 2017). With that in mind they maybe erred on the side of making it too long. I can’t really criticise them too harshly for that, but there’s no doubt the campaign has entered a bit of a lull now, and in retrospect it would have been better to have the leader in place now and taking the fight to the Tories (and Labour) while they are so weak. I imagine both candidates will be glad when it’s over and keen to get started.

  8. I have found it difficult to make a choice between the two candidates but hope whoever becomes leader can successfully continue the excellent work and experienced leadership of Sir Vince. I am sure they will as we desperately need some really caring sensible politicians to lead this country into the near and distant future for ALL inhabitants of the UK.

  9. Seeing the two at the hustings at the National Liberal Club last night was a privilege – we saw a solid performance from both. The decision is one that many LibDems will ponder over. Who is the best placed to step into the job of potential Prime Minister in the face of Labour’s deep troubles over their leader and his team’s culture. An united “leave” unity ticket between Boris and Nigel would reach 38+ percent and we need to be the alternate voice of progressive patriotism to win.

  10. Hooray! I got an e-mail message from HQ and a number to vote concerning the candidates..
    Is it possible that HQ could flood ‘the net’ with messages reminding people to vote and how to do it?
    If there are others like me ‘hanging on’ that will depress the vote.People must be encouraged to vote for one of them. The looser can be deputy.

  11. interesting that the Tory election is in such utter chaos, yet they assume that they should continue to run the country.. help!!

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