VIDEO: the strategy to help the Liberal Democrats win

After rolling out campaign videos with other people talking about me, it’s time for me to appear in front of the camera, explaining my plans for the Liberal Democrats if members elect me as Party President:

I hope you like these plans. If you do, please sign up to support them here.

5 responses to “VIDEO: the strategy to help the Liberal Democrats win”

  1. Well you might like to now that that just popped up in ‘recommendations’ on my YouTube feed, replacing all the pro-Trump pro-Farage rubbish that it attracts and usually needs ignored. It was really only the second Lib Dem video to do that, ever.

    So you are doing something right.

  2. Dear Mark,

    Very best wishes in your efforts to become President.

    What I am most keen to convey is how important it is to get a across to the voting population how strong the Lib Dems will be on animal welfare. I have seen how both the Labour and Conservative parties have realised just what a massive vote winner this is, with regular social media posts promising to introduce tough laws to protect animals. If the the Lib Dems do not do likewise, it is going to see them lose masses of votes. That is for ceetain.

    For so many people – and particularly young and importantly first-time voters – this is even a clinching deciding factor.

    We need to get the message loud and clear out there through social media and in the election manifesto, in Focus newsletters and through Jo and other Mps when appearing on the media and also in party political broadcasts.

    We should say we will ban trophy hunting, increase and impose the most severe penalties on those ill-treating animals. We should make it clear we will be in regular contact with animal charities and rescue organisations and sanctuaries as we formulate animal friendly policies.

    It would even usurp both Labour and The Toried if we were to say we would appoint a Minister for Animal Welfare. I don’t think even the Greens have ever proposed this.

    As I say, I have watched how the two so-called “main” parties have seen what a massive vote-winner this is and actually been disappointed how we have been so quiet by comparison. They are particularly hot in pushing the right buttons on the issue of twiier and facebook and instagram

    We need to step up our commitment to animal welfare issues – and make it clear we are doing it because WE CARE about it!

    Please take this on board and act. It will pay dividends- and be morally absolutely the right thing to do.

    Warmest regards,

    Steve Charles.

    * would be grateful if you could acknowledge you have received this Mark. Many thanks.

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