Former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister backs Lib Dems in general election

Following his support for the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament elections, former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister is now urging people to vote Lib Dem or independent at the general election:

The former deputy prime minister said Mr Johnson was selling voters a “grand delusion” that he could deliver Brexit by the end of January…

Appearing at a panel event alongside expelled Tories Dominic Grieve, Anne Milton and David Gauke, the peer urged lifelong Conservative voters to abandon the party at the ballot box.

Asked what advice he would give to Tory voters, Lord Heseltine said: “I’m telling them to vote for what they believe in and what the Conservative Party has stood for all my life and probably all theirs – and to put country first.

What I think that means in practical terms is they either vote for defrocked Conservative candidates – of which we have three excellent examples here – or they vote for the Lib Dems. [The Independent]

In backing the Lib Dems, Michael Heseltine is joining a former Conservative trade minister, another former Conservative minister and a Conservative peer, not to mention high profile support from former Labour figures too.

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3 responses to “Former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister backs Lib Dems in general election”

  1. How can the Lib Dems demolish the false allegation that the Stop Brexit policy is undemocratic? It seems blindingly obvious to me that if a party going into an election on a very clear ticket to cancel Brexit were to go from 20 to over 320 seats to win outright, this would be the most astonishing democratic mandate for any policy any party has ever put forward. Are the other parties completely obtuse in not understanding this, or are they just deliberately trying to mislead people into not voting Lib Dem, like the woman in the Question Time audience who confronted Jo Swinson and said this policy had cost the party her vote?

    • The LibDems have as much right to promote ‘stop brexit’ as the blue lot have to promote the reverse. Democracy exists to enable debate of alternative ideas.

    • John – the key is to ensure we get a democratic mandate to stop Brexit. If we won the General Election with a majority of seats, then we would have got that democratic mandate, via the ballot box. In all other circumstances we would continue to press for a second referendum to stop Brexit, ie we would seek a democratic mandate to stop Brexit.

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