PODCAST – Another Lib Dem local election triumph

The latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts is another tie-up with The Lib Dem Pod, following the stunning Lib Dem gains in the local elections.

I joined councillors John Potter and Richard Kemp, along with new Lib Dem council leader Martin Boffey, to chew over the results. Unfortunately, Lisa Smart was not able to make the show, but she was safely re-elected this month too.

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Show notes

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2 responses to “PODCAST – Another Lib Dem local election triumph”

  1. I think the emphasis now should be on showing competence running these councils as well as possible, plus getting more councillors next May. Delivering good local government will deliver you more MPs at the next election.

  2. I am intrigued to know which are the issues that don’t go down ‘like a bucket of cold sick’ in North Liverpool.

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