Why I’m running for Liberal Democrat Party President

Mark Pack speaking at an event with President campaign logo

Our current President, Sal Brinton, has helped steer us through extraordinary times. With her term coming to an end this autumn, we need to elect a new Party President. I hope that you’ll decide I’m the best person for the job. Although the formal definition of the role in the party’s constitution is brief, I believe the President should help ensure we have a party organisation that enables more of us to win, more often.

You’ve probably previously heard or read me setting out how we can do that, and I’ll be detailing more of my plans as the campaign progresses. I hope you’ve seen how many of the ideas I’ve championed have become a successful reality, from the core votes strategy that has underpinned our recovery since 2015 to the supporters scheme that is bringing in thousands of new volunteers to help us.

Now with your support, I want to step up and help us go even further. Our party is ambitious about transforming the UK, starting with stopping Brexit. Jo Swinson has set out her vision for a liberal, inclusive, green Britain in the 21st century. We need a President focused on helping to transform our party so that we can deliver on these hopes. We need to get the organisation right to sustain and accelerate that progress.

We can do that by:

  • Unlocking the huge grassroots campaigning potential in our hundreds of thousands of members and supporters with the right tools, systems and support;
  • Embracing technology’s power, to make us the best digital campaigners in the country;
  • Making the party truly open to all and making the best of our talents by addressing our shortcomings on diversity and inclusion;
  • Ensuring the voices of grassroots members are always heard and respected when key decisions are made at the centre; and
  • Ensuring the party’s finances are sustainable long term, including investing more in growing and mobilising our member base.

If you’d like to back my campaign, are willing to offer an endorsement or can make a donation, please visit my campaign site at markpack.org.uk/president.

It’ll also be expanded during the campaign with more news about my plans and how we can work together to build an even bigger, even more successful party.



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24 responses to “Why I’m running for Liberal Democrat Party President”

  1. Best of luck Mark, you’ll be amazing.

    One thing I’d like say is that while I am fully behind the revoke A.50 policy if elected, and pushing for a referendum if we go into a coalition, we are not going that extra mile. Surely this is the time our message should be why the UK’s place is in Europe. The LibDem’s should be shouting from the roof tops the benefits of EU membership and why we can only prosper as part of the club. Such a message in the coming General Election could really help us. These issues are the economy, the freedom to live and work any where in Europe, the freedom to fall in love and have children in another European country. Also how we can help reform the EU.

  2. I’m really glad that you are running for President.

    Can I emphasize 2 things within your excellent strategy

    1) Improve the visibility of the diversity of the UK. Things are improving but we have a long way to go

    2) Modernisation – Digital-first, Members App (Democracy, Campaigns, Policy, Comms, Volunteering and learning)

    • Hi James – managing teams has been a regular part of my work (non-Lib Dem) career and those skills are obviously very relevant to the President role. On fundraising, I think the role of the President is to support our expert fundraisers as required, and that’s something I’ve often done in the party over the years, including for example being brought in by HQ to help with several donor briefing sessions this year. Happy to talk about that experience in more detail – do drop me an email if you’d like.

  3. Mark, I’ll vote for you. You’re a real dynamo with many good ideas.

    But I’d like you to be less gung-ho and more critical about the Remain alliance strategy.

    I’m not against the strategy, but it needs to be more carefully evaluated. For example, it did not help us at B and R, but was actually a catalyst for Leave voters (many of whom used to support us) getting behind the Tory. We are likely to lose B and R at the GE, as Leave voters now understand who they have to get behind.

    • Most kind – thank you. I agree that we need to carefully judge the merits of any arrangements (and might end up supporting some while opposing others). Overall, as a long-time sceptic of seat deals, preferring other types of cooperation, I do though see 2019 as potentially the major exception to that pattern of what works best.

  4. Martin: I’ve stood as a candidate in non-target wards in the past and will be happy to do so again, but my own strengths I think are more in helping others to win rather than running for public office directly myself. “Grassroots” is shorthand for “members who are not sitting in senior decision-making meetings at the top levels of the party” – it’s really important their voices, support and perspectives are always taken into account. As you say, I’ve got a bit of form on communicating regularly with the wider membership and that’s something I’d intend to continue with, though of course in a slightly different way that would reflect the difference in being an official postholder rather than more of a commentator (though I do hold a couple of less high-profile posts at the moment).

  5. Right man – right place – really important time. Field Marshal Montgomery on the eve of El Alamein told his troops “Tomorrow morning – we are going to get up and kick Rommel out of Africa. And when I say “we” I mean “you”. I have a small but comprehensive list of people we need to kick out of Government and when I say “we”……

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