Thank you Ed, thank you Layla

Layla Moran and Ed Davey

Thank you to both Ed Davey and Layla Moran, and their campaign teams, for putting in such hard work to give members a choice in the leadership election, a chance to hear from the candidates and a chance to ask many, many questions.

Whoever is announced the winner tomorrow, both will have an important part to play in the party’s future.

The success of our new leader will also rely in no small part on the work we all put in. Whoever wins, they will be leader of a party with 11 MPs, and so leader of a party whose grassroots campaign efforts are crucial to getting noticed by the public.

If you’re a liberal and up for the challenge, you can join us here and help make our next leader also our most successful leader.

Now to rehearse my little part in tomorrow’s announcement:

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One response to “Thank you Ed, thank you Layla”

  1. Well said Mark. The very thought of having to do 50 hustings! But they did, and they did them well. Whoever wins, they’ve both shown impressive energy and commitment. Thanks to both of them.

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