Let’s show Theresa May what the people think on Saturday

I’ve talked this week about how you can join the big Put it to the People march on Saturday. I’ve talked about what you can do to help even if you can’t march in person on the day.

But most important is why. Why march?

The reason is very simple. Cliff edges may have become a bland cliche through overuse in political speech. Cliff edges may be the cue for amusement in cartoons.

But what Britain faces is a disaster.

It’s one with its comical edges, such as the secret contract for portable toilets.  It’s one which, of course, Chris Grayling has managed to make worse. It’s one with its anger-inducing illegality (another two fines dished out this week to Brexit campaigners for breaking the law).

But it’s also one with deadly serious impacts on people’s jobs, people’s medicines, people’s freedom and people’s futures.

It’s one symbolised by the box in the other room as I type this. It’s the box which holds the medals won by previous generations of my family. Medals from across the three wars between Germany and France in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries of increasing horrific scale and wider involvement that devastated civilisation. Three wars which were at the heart of the creation of what became the European Union.

How do I sign the Parliamentary petition to revoke Article 50?

You need a working email address as signing the petition to revoke Article 50 will trigger a confirmation email. Sometimes those end up in junk/spam folders, so keep an eye on them if your email does not arrive soon after signing. more

Even now, with relations between Britain and our European neighbours at the lowest ebb for decades, the idea of sending troops in to invade is unthinkable. (Sending troops into our own cities to attempt to keep order is, alas, another matter.) It’s that change in outlook which the European project has been central to and to which we, therefore, owe so much.

Theresa May claims she is on the side of the people.

Let’s show her what the people think on Saturday.

Let’s get marching, with those of other parties and of none, all united in our support for Europe.



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