Which (ex)MP is backing which candidate in the Lib Dem leadership race?

I make no comment about whether any of the names listed below are a negative rather than a positive for the person they’re backing…

Supporting Tim Farron

Alan Beith (1973-2015)
Annette Brooke (2001-15)
Alex Carlile (1983-1997)
Brian Cotter (1997-2005)
Duncan Hames (2010-15)
Martin Horwood (2005-15)
David Howarth (2005-10)
Simon Hughes (1983-2015)
Paul Keetch (1997-2010)
John Leech (2005-15)
Stephen Lloyd (2010-15)
Diana Maddock (1993-97)
Michael Meadowcroft (1983-87)
Greg Mulholland MP (2005-)
Mark Oaten (1997-2010)
Lembit Opik (1997-2010)
John Pugh MP (2001-)
Willie Rennie (2006-10)
Dan Rogerson (2005-15)
David Steel (1965-97)
Ian Swales (2010-15)
Jo Swinson (2005-15)
Matthew Taylor (1987-2010)
Sarah Teather (2003-15)
Steve Webb (1997-2015)
Mark Williams MP (2005-)
Richard Younger-Ross (2001-10)

Supporting Norman Lamb

Paddy Ashdown (1983-2001)
Norman Baker (1997-2015)
Tom Brake MP (1997-)
Paul Burstow (1997-2015)
Gordon Birtwistle (2010-15)
Ming Campbell (1987-2015)
Julia Church (Goldsworthy) (2005-10)
Ed Davey (1997-2015)
Lynne Featherstone (2005-15)
Don Foster (1992-2015)
Sandra Gidley (2000-10)
Stephen Gilbert (2010-15)
Matthew Green (2001-5)
Nick Harvey (1992-2015)
David Heath (1997-2015)
John Hemming (2005-15)
Julian Huppert (2010-15)
Susan Kramer (2005-10)
David Laws (2001-15)
Mike Moore (1997-2015)
Tessa Munt (2010-15)
Bob Russell (1997-2015)
Nicol Stephen (1991-92)
Mike Thornton (2013-15)
Paul Tyler (Feb 1974 – Oct 1974 and 1992-2005)
Shirley Williams (1981-83, and previously a Labour MP)
Stephen Williams (2005-15)
Jenny Willott (2005-15)
Simon Wright (2010-15)

Even if this list is 100% accurate at time of publishing, it’s going to get outdated as the campaign moves on. So I will be updating it – and if you spot any new endorsements by (ex)MPs, please do let me know.

UPDATE: And yes, more data coming in, so this post is being regularly updated.

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Nigel Ashton
Nigel Ashton

Mark - can you put a line at the top of the article to indicate the date and time of most recent update. That would be helpful to those of us who check this page regularly. Many thanks.


Willie Rennie for Tim.


@LiberalMorgan Sources v diverse including emails to me etc. Any particular reason for asking?


@markpack Good point, possibly not suitable/possible for all, but if it's say, an interview with their rationale it could be interesting?


Which one would support the view "A Fair Economy, a Strong Society"? 


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