Liberal Democrat digital tools and services: get them here

Brought together in one place, here are the various Liberal Democrat tools and services that I look after to help keep people informed, provide materials and prompt action.

Hope you find them useful – and feedback on either the range of services or thoughts about individual ones are always most welcome.

Do you want to keep in touch with what’s happening in the Lib Dems? Your wish is my command… and here’s the suite of email lists you can choose between for signing up to, from a daily email digest through to a monthly newsletter. Included in that list is an email list for news about what the Lib Dems are up to in Parliament.

If you also, or instead, would like news via social media, then there’s the Lib Dem Newswire Facebook page and Twitter account. Along with a Twitter list of Lib Dem MPs and one of Lib Dem peers.

Are you a Lib Dem supporter wanting good content to share on your own social media accounts? My store of animated gifs will come in handy for preparing and improving your social media content. Plus don’t forget to add the orange diamond to your account name on Twitter.

Want to get better at promoting the Lib Dems in what you do online? The daily tips in the short Liberal Democrat Newswire Digital Power-Up series is just for you.

Do you run local Liberal Democrat social media accounts? Then I’ve got a specially curated RSS feed¬†which has stories suitable for sharing on official party accounts. You can, for example, automate posting to Lib Dem Facebook pages or Twitter accounts using this feed and the free online IFTTT service. More details on how to do that here.

Also recommended: the Bulk.ly social media management tool for keeping on top of your evergreen content.

Do you run a Liberal Democrat website? In which case, my news panel is just for you. Install it and your site will be automatically updated with news and videos about the Lib Dems.

Do you want to learn more about the Lib Dems? Welcome to my 14-part weekly series on Lib Dem philosophy.

Want to know more about campaigning, including how online and offline campaigning fit together? There’s a book for that.

And finally, all the above save for the book, are free to use but not free to run and maintain. If you’re minded to give a small donation to help with the running costs, you are a wonderful person. Details here.

Don’t forget also the official Lib Dem canvassing app or the Liberal Democrat Digital Campaigners group on Facebook – a great place to get support and ideas.

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