Here are my posts which have an historical theme. You will notice the emphasis on 19th century British political history in particular, a period which I studied for my history PhD.

As Winston Churchill said, explaining the practical application of history to forecasting, “The longer you can look back, the further you can look forward”.

Plus, history is just such fun, with a wealth of amazing stories, fascinating details and important lessons for the present.


Who owns the Statue of Liberty? (New Jersey vs New York)

After rather a long gap, there’s a new video out from CGP Grey about the Statue of Liberty, which may or may not be owned by New York (a place with an interesting history behind its name).

It’s one of those questions you most likely have never wondered about, but once you realise it is a question, knowing the answer becomes fascinating. Especially as there’s an answer that is technically correct in the most pointless type of way: