Great news for electoral reform as STV set to spread further in public elections

Liberal Democrat Newswire #109 is coming out in a few days, and here’s a short extract from it:

Kirsty Williams welcomes plans for STV to be an option for future Welsh local elections: the news headlines may have been mostly about the plans to reduce the voting age to 16 but the plans also include the option to copy Scotland’s use of STV for council elections.

This continuing spread of preferential voting at local and devolved elections across the UK is an important preliminary step to being able to win future debates over electoral reform for Westminster.

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3 responses to “Great news for electoral reform as STV set to spread further in public elections”

  1. It’s nothing like “Scotland’s use of STV for council elections.” If you look at Alun Davies’ tweet, the proposal is “Individual councils will be enabled to *choose* to change to the single transferable vote system, if two thirds of the council vote in favour of the change.

    No councils will vote to change the system that elected them. It just won’t happen.

    The only times it has been adopted, it was imposed from above, either EU rules or Westminster imposing it on others, and realpolitic means that is the way it will remain. Nick Clegg and his negotiating team had their chance to get STV for Local Government in 2010 when they went into coalition and they preferred to go for broke, and came out with nothing (i.e. a referendum). That was our chance, wasted.

  2. We all know that under 18s can vote for Tory leadership (provided they are members). Maybe the answer to this country’s problems is for all the 100,000 Liberal Party Members to join the Conservative party and outvote all those 70, 000 Conservative Party members.

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